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ICL gives chemicals a place

In our logistical services we encounter customers from various (industrial) markets, regarding products from seven danger classes. You can use our services for the storage and distribution of chemical substances that are classified in the ADR classes 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9. We have listed them for your convenience below.

Class 2         

Gevarenklasse 2 - brandbaar gas Flammable gas
  Gevarenklasse 2 - niet brandbaar, niet giftig gas Non-flammable, non-toxic gas
  Gevarenklasse 2 - giftig gas Tocic gas

Class 3

Gevarenklasse 3 - brandbare vloeistof Flammable liquid

Class 4

Gevarenklasse 4 - brandbare vaste stof, zelfontladende stof Flammable solid
  Gevarenklasse 4 - voor zelfontbranding vatbare stof Spontaneously combustible substance
  Gevarenklasse 4 - stof die in contact met water brandbare gassen ontwikkelt Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas

Class 5

Gevarenklasse 5 - oxiderende stof Oxidising substance
  Gevarenklasse 5 - organisch peroxide Organic peroxide

Class 6

Gevarenklasse 6 - giftige stof Toxic substance
  Gevarenklasse 6 - infectueuze stof Infectious substance

Class 8

Gevarenklasse 8 - bijtende stof Corrosive substance  

Class 9

Gevarenklasse 9 - diverse gevaarlijke stoffen en voorwerpen Miscellaneous dangerous substances and goods