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Storage facilities

With a total storage capacity of 100,000 pallet positions, divided across four locations, Imperial Chemical Logistics (ICL) is an attractive partner for the storage of ADR goods of almost all categories. If it concerns pallet storage or storage in racks, Van den Anker offers you the right expertise and facilities for the storage of your chemical goods.

ICL provides all aspects of the logistics process, in house, in its warehouse facilities; the incoming supply of goods, stock control and the outgoing supply of goods; based on your wishes. With this ICL is capable of offering you the complete function of a logistics centre for your products. Aside from providing optimal care of your products ICL also takes the burden of rules and regulations, fire safety systems and safety management systems, off your hands.

ICL's warehouse locations consist of compartmentalised storage where goods are specifically stored according to various danger classes. Climate controlled storage is also an option and is only a part of our wide variety of (warehouse) services. ICL provides optimal, efficient warehouse processes through the application of automation and mechanical technology, like, for example, a fully automatic high rise storage rack or a sorting machine.