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Sustainability reporting

ICL wants to grow to a higher level of sustainability. A sustainability report is an important tool to keep you informed. We therefore write an annual report on how Socially Responsibly Enterprise is interpreted by us in practice and our results in the area of sustainability. "Our responsibility" is the point of departure for our sustainability reporting. We publish our sustainability report annually on www.onzeverantwoordelijkheid.nl.

Sustainability Report 2012
In (April) 2013 we published our first sustainability report. Doing sustainable business has for years been a fixture in our business strategy, a sustainability report was therefore a logical result that needed to be attended to. We may after all be proud of the results and innovations we have achieved. View the complete sustainability report online.   

Sustainability Report 2013
In this report we give an outline of the theme sustainability, one of our strategic priorities, and how this is reflected in our (main) activities of the past year. View the complete sustainability report online


Sustainability Report 2014
In this overview we reflect on the results of our sustainable business activities. It is with pleasure that we look back over 2014; it was a year of growth and development in many areas. You can read about it on 

Sustainability Report 2015

Sustainability 2015 at IMPERIAL Logistics International

Sustainability report


Duurzaamheidsverslag 2016

The new sustainability report over 2016 is available here