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Growing towards a higher level of sustainability

Clean, safe transport, sustainable logistics, society and government increasingly require businesses that are consciously involved in the impact that their activities have on man and environment. We at Imperial Chemical Logistics (ICL), a logistics service provider, are convinced that it is our duty as a business to treat man and environment as indispensable partners. Transport, by definition, is responsible for high CO₂ and other dangerous substance emissions. By adapting our behaviour we are of the opinion that we can contribute to "solutions" for environmental problems.

Taking responsibility, that's what it's actually all about. Based on
social engagement and a vision for the future.

Sustainability for us covers a wider perspective where an ideal balance between social, ecological and economic interests is the guiding principle. Also based on ethical considerations, respect for the environment and the concept of cost savings.

The Connekt “Lean and Green” program that ICL has been part of for years aligns excellently with the integral goals of our company. Sustainability is thereby not only limited to measures that mitigate environmental load and simultaneously represent savings in costs, but also has large intersections with other areas of attention like quality, safety, health and continuity. 

As an organisation we strive to make our thoughts and behavioural patterns in the area of sustainability visible. In doing so we present the most important developments: