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A safe environment is something that we all attach a lot of importance to. As an employee it is natural that you want to be able to carry out your work safely. If you live in the neighbourhood then you want to be able to trust your environment without worrying. Transport and storage of chemical substances is not always without risks. Government, the provincial administration, the municipality and Imperial Chemical Logistics (ICL) have exactly the same goal, ensuring (external) safety.

The chemical industry develops and makes products that to a large extent determine our lives. Chemistry plays a role in (almost) everything that you do, see, eat, use and experience. It ensures for example that we have enough food and that it does not spoil and is safe. From medicine, cosmetics and mobile telephones to for example TVs, clothing or clean drinking water. Almost everything you can imagine starts with chemistry. (www.chemieisoveral.nl)

Storage of dangerous substances must naturally satisfy strict legislation. The buildings must satisfy many requirements as well as the work processes and safety management system. A safe space to store the goods in question is therefore indispensable in society. Nevertheless it is understandable that people are critical when it concerns their direct environment. While we as a company are familiar with the chemical goods in our business processes and how the risks can be limited, you might not be or less so. As an organisation we would like to provide insight into that process.