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How the final recipient feels about the service of Imperial Chemical Logistics (ICL)?
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ICL provides distribution in the Benelux with its own distribution network for ADR classified goods. More than 100 vehicles leave daily from the various branches, spread out across the Netherlands and Belgium, to all destinations in the Benelux and neighbouring territories in Germany and Northern France. Our drivers service farmers for their crop protection agents, cleaning companies for their cleaning products or for example garages for their motor oil, on a daily basis. Based on 24 hour distribution, your consignments are always delivered first hand.

Our service of providing goods within 24 hours in the Benelux requires a clever approach. It is therefore important to organise transport efficiently and aside from the centrally organised planning system, ICL works according to the "Hub and Spoke Model". Large, full trucks drive to local depots (hubs) in the evening and at night. The goods are then transferred via a cross-docking operation into smaller trucks that then distribute the goods during the day (spokes). 

For all deliveries it is possible to monitor the status of your consignment in real-time. During each stage of the delivery the drivers use a Personal Data Administrator (PDA) to update the status. The driver, our back office, and you too, are therefore always on-line.

If it concerns a number of packages or a full pallet, smaller consignments follow the same procedures as pallet consignments. Your ease of use is thereby enhanced and packages are also transported with the same high service level that you are accustomed to or have come to expect from ICL. Customer specific requirements do not affect that.

ICL offers you various solutions for your distribution needs. These possibilities are subdivided into the following transport services: