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Chemical supply chain

Imperial Chemical Logistics (ICL) provides the storage and distribution of packaged chemicals; that is our core business. ICL is aware as a business, of current business dynamics; where not necessarily the product or service is what discerns one, but what value your company adds to the process of your customers, to your chemical supply chain. Our approach is based on this. In our contacts with you we will continue to try and discover what your needs are; what your job is that needs to be done and how ICL can help; how your processes run; what needs to you have. A number of examples from current practice, in which (tangible and intangible) advantages for our customer are apparent, are shown below. It is an opportunity for you to experience the added value of our services...


Functional requirement translated to technical solution
Practical tailor made approach
A smart change, a positive impact

Functional requirement translated to technical solution

The logistics and distribution of crop protection agents is affected by the large seasonal differences creating a very irregular pattern of orders. In quiet periods we might have to deal with 30 packages day and on peak days there could be more than 300 packages delivered. It never rains but it pours. An error in the picking process can have very serious consequences in the business of crop protection agents. The time frame for treating fields is very critical.

This presents a challenge for ICL to design an operation that has a constantly high and at the same time efficient performance. With that in mind an automatic sorting machine was developed in cooperation with a software supplier. Based on a bar code this machine sorts the correct goods, in the correct quantities, per addressee. The advantage? A higher capacity for sorting, higher picking performance and a higher efficiency.

The implementation of the sorting machine is an example of ICL translating functional requirements to a technical solution. In this way our services are able to satisfy our customers’ requirements, like those of Agrifirm that was pivotal in the development of the sorting machine.
Agrifirm, supplier of products and services for the livestock industry, farming and market gardening.

Vincent Roelofs, Assistant Director of the Agrifirm Plant: “A sustainable relationship with professional and efficient partners is important. To be able to provide a good service to our customers we need to be well informed about each others processes, possibilities and impossibilities. We have found a reliable partner in Van den Anker .”


Practical tailor made approach

ICL has been providing 24 hour distribution for Sika from its location in Utrecht since 2005. Over the years the entire logistics for additives for the cement industry has been added to that. How did this happen? Van den Anker attaches importance to sustainable relationships and therefore pro-actively helps to conceptualises your needs.

Additives for the cement industry are generally low cost products so that the costs have to be carefully monitored. An important question is therefore, what are the current processes and how can the chemical supply chain be optimised. Previously 1000 litre IBCs were sent to the Netherlands from Germany. Once used by the consumers a flood of empty IBCs were sent back to Germany. Aside from (high) transport costs the costs for packaging were also high. Filling the IBCs at the factory was also an expensive process. Following a joint study a solution was thought up. These days tankers are sent from (Sika) in Germany that are then emptied by Van den Anker into IBCs. After a short storage time at Van den Anker the IBCs are transported to Sika customers where the contents are pumped into their containers. The empty IBCs are then taken back empty so that after cleaning they are immediately ready for use again.

The advantage of this solution is that time and costs are saved enabling the customer to maintain a competitive edge. Not entirely unimportant is that this system also puts less traffic on the roads, which also represents a saving in CO₂ emissions. Imagine all those empty IBCs being returned to Germany.
Sika Nederland BV, supplier of chemical products for the building trade.

Piet Nieuwpoort, Director of Sika Nederland BV: "logistics is, aside from service and quality, one of the columns that you must be able to trust as supplier. Aside from reliability for deliveries Van den Anker is also a partner in looking for logistical solutions."


A smart change, a positive impact

As a logistics service provider ICL Anker provides the transport of animal feed additives for Trouw Nutrition and three other daughter companies of Nutreco. How did this cooperation come into being? Van den Anker carefully examined the current distribution policy and came to the conclusion: "There is a better way to do this". The result of the cooperation was a more efficient distribution and shorter delivery times.

Trouw Nutrition is an organisation with four different product locations spread across the Benelux: Trouw Nutrition in Putten and Gent (B), Sloten in Deventer and Selko in Tilburg. Considering the favourable geographical location of Van den Anker in relation to these production locations a proposal was made to consolidate the dispatching at Van den Anker. This made dispatch between the various divisions of Nutreco no longer necessary.

Van den Anker can in fact pick up combined orders, the same day, using different vehicles, from different product locations. The "Hub and Spoke" model that ICL applies ensures subsequently that the shipments are dispatched the next day.
This transport solution not only shortens the lead time of the shipments by a day, but also contributes once again to reduced CO₂ emissions. It is a relatively simple but meaningful change to the work flow, but with a positive impact on the customer's overall business and the environment. 
Nutreco, supplier of advanced animal feed solutions