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The basis; our company philosophy

Imperial Chemical Logistics company philosophy describes the values that lead the company and form the link to the continuity of our organisation. Safety, quality management and customer satisfaction, form, together with sustainability, innovation and operational excellence, our basis and are the values that give Imperial Chemical Logistics character.

Based on this Imperial Chemical Logistics operates from a philosophy in which sustainable enterprise is central. Sustainable enterprise not only means the drive to increase company performance. It is a broader process in which we, as a company, want to take responsibility for the effects of our company activities on man and environment. In so doing Imperial Chemical Logistics recognises its economic and societal responsibility and pro-actively gives it shape.

When taking decisions regarding the company or new initiatives Imperial Chemical Logistics also considers its environment with a view to the future. The needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders are very important. Only by servicing the needs of stakeholders across the board as well as possible can we ensure our continuity. In its guidelines Imperial Chemical Logistics has laid down the principles that have allowed the company to grow into a Benelux organisation.

Imperial Chemical Logistics is passionate about optimum goods flow management. We are happy to share this experience and to shine in the service that we provide. Through our vision that there is always room for improvement, in what we do and in how we approach it, we always strive to further improve on our (high) standards. Our dream position in this is to maintain and strengthen our position as market leader in the logistics of packaged chemical goods.

Our mission is to fill the role of leader in the optimisation of the logistics process for the packaged chemical products of our customers. In this, we strive to create a constructive relationship with the customer whereby it is possible to count on a leading service provider. Our starting point is the creation of a sustainable
partnership whereby we assist customers in all logistics matters and/or needs that they face.